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Feb, 2019

Boys Volleyball in Lakeshore Region

LRVA Endorses Adding High School Boy’s Volleyball

The LRVA Board of Directors has unanimously voted to endorse the
addition of boy’s volleyball as a sanctioned high school sport in
Michigan. Although this move carries no legal weight with the
Michigan High School Athletic Association, the organization that
identifies and sanctions high school varsity sports championships, the
LRVA Board firmly believes adding boy’s volleyball would finally put
Michigan on equal footing with surrounding states. More importantly,
it would allow Michigan boy’s to have a long awaited opportunity to
compete in this great sport.

LRVA President, Sante Perrelli says “many have been trying for decades
to promote boy’s opportunities in Michigan and it looks like this
persistence will finally open doors for the boys.

We can’t wait!” LRVA Commissioner Eric Lazowski adds “we encourage every high school
athletic department and sports administrator, club, parent, referee,
coach, and fan of the game to get behind this movement today!”

LRVA will be working to put its resources and support behind Michigan
efforts to add boys volleyball. Perrelli adds “we all benefit when the
value of interscholastic volleyball participation is extended to boys in
our state, and we should do all we can to make this happen.”

Several Michigan high schools and clubs around the state, along with
key colleges have already added men’s volleyball to their varsity
programs, joining key long-standing collegiate club organizations that
have been serving college men for decades.