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Lakeshore Region Membership Info

Privacy Policy

Lakeshore Region Volleyball Association, Inc. (LRVA) has been informed that USA Volleyball (USAV) and Sports Engine, an affiliate of NBC Universal, have agreed to use the Sports Engine member management system (MMS) for the upcoming membership year.  LRVA is not a party to this agreement and has not been provided a copy of this agreement


By clicking the membership link below, you acknowledge you are leaving a LRVA managed site, that you are responsible to understand all privacy policies and practices related to personally identifying information you submit through the MMS, that LRVA has not expressly or impliedly authorized the collection, use, release or sharing of data you submit, that LRVA is not liable for any data breach, misuse, unauthorized use or undesirable use of personally identifying in the MMS, and that LRVA may use MMS data in LRVA's administration of volleyball membership services and programs. 


LRVA advises all those seeking membership to read and understand all applicable USA Volleyball, Sports Engine, NBC Universal and other applicable data privacy policies and take such actions as may be necessary to limit and control access and use of personally identifying data you submit or that is housed within, by or through the MMS.  

To obtain a USAV Membership click the logo:

Fine Print: -All Adult members coaching juniors or officiating juniors must have a cleared USAV background screen and current SafeSport training 
-All USAV Junior Coaches must be Minimum of IMPACT Certified and Safesport Certified,
-IMPACT Certification is good for life.
-FULL memberships are needed for all participants of National Championships and Qualifiers.
-FULL Memberships are needed for all adults participating in USAV Open Championships.
-One-Event Multi-day Memberships are available for teams participating in Non-Championship events.
-Athletes may request a club transfer prior to competing in a sanctioned event without a release.  
-Once an athlete competes for a club in a sanctioned event, they must get a release from that club.

Molten USA

Lakeshore is proud to be a Molten USA affiliated region.