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Lakeshore Region Volleyball Association, Inc. (LRVA) has been informed that USA Volleyball (USAV) and Sports Engine, an affiliate of NBC Universal, have agreed to use the Sports Engine member management system (MMS) for the upcoming membership year.  LRVA is not a party to this agreement and has not been provided a copy of this agreement

By clicking the membership link below, you acknowledge you are leaving a LRVA managed site, that you are responsible to understand all privacy policies and practices related to personally identifying information you submit through the MMS, that LRVA has not expressly or impliedly authorized the collection, use, release or sharing of data you submit, that LRVA is not liable for any data breach, misuse, unauthorized use or undesirable use of personally identifying in the MMS, and that LRVA may use MMS data in LRVA's administration of volleyball membership services and programs. 

LRVA advises all those seeking membership to read and understand all applicable USA Volleyball, Sports Engine, NBC Universal and other applicable data privacy policies and take such actions as may be necessary to limit and control access and use of personally identifying data you submit or that is housed within, by or through the MMS.  

Officials Registration Information

Online Registration Information

USA Volleyball has moved to a new Member Management System (MMS) hosted by SportsEngine. Do not try to renew any memberships in the old Webpoint system.  You will have access to your Webpoint data through October 31 (you will not need your Contact/Member ID from Webpoint while registering in the new system BUT you will need to use the same name and birthdate when setting up your SportsEngine Account in order for data in Webpoint to migrate over. 

With the new system, you will see some changes:

  • Family Accounts are now permitted. Multiple members of the household can be managed with one master adult account with only one login needed.  NEW: Additional information after system launch – If registering a minor participant with a Junior membership, be sure to create the main SE account with the Parent/Legal Guardian info.  You can then add other Household individuals under that account and purchase a membership for those household members.  You would also add other   Adult members should be the one agreeing to all the waivers during the purchase. Adult Member Officials within the same family should have their own SE account.  
  • All applications and payments will occur online and inside the MMS (no paper forms and no going to external payment system for “unpaid” applications)
  • IMPORTANT: Applicants will see TWO charges when they “check-out” and on their credit card statement.  The system automatically processes a “Region fee” and a “USAV fee” so the region no longer needs to do a monthly reconciliation with USAV. The total of the charges is the same as last season’s membership dues (there are no increases in dues this season).
  • After the initial registration, you will receive an email stating that you will need to complete other requirements.
  • If an applicant needs the Background Screen, that application and payment will also be handled in the system and will appear on the credit card statement as a separate charge.
  • “Junior” membership categories are for individuals 18 or under that are participating as a player with a Junior Program or unaffiliated minors age 17 and under.  “Adult” membership categories are for all adults 18 or older.  An adult coach working with a Junior program chooses an Adult member category.  So memberships are based on your age – not the program you are participating with.
  • NOTE:  Applicants will NOT choose a club during the registration process any longer (and can’t go back into SE account and choose it later).  Clubs now “invite” players/coaches to join their club for the 2021 season at a later time/process.  Officials will be invited to a team called LRVA OFFICIALS at a later time when that process is set.  If you will also be a part of a team as a coach or player, please contact the Referee Chair Henry Chen at [email protected]

To obtain a USAV Membership click the logo:  

-All USAV Junior Coaches must be Minimum of IMPACT Certified and Safesport Certified,
-IMPACT Certification is good for life.
-FULL memberships are needed for all participants of National Championships and Qualifiers.
-FULL Memberships are needed for all adults participating in USAV Open Championships.

Registered Officials



(Updates for 2021-2022 season will be posted October 2021)

National Officials

Congratulations to the Referees and Scorers below from the Lakeshore Region that have advanced through the National Rating process to achieve the following Ratings:

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Referee Rating:
Sharon Harris-Agrusa (Inactive)
Fuskao Hines (Retired Rating)
Dan Kitchel
Luke Reynolds
David Saenz
Perry Sutherland
David Vander Meer

USA Volleyball JUNIOR NATIONAL Referee Rating:
Henry Yun-Ping Chen
DeLee Dankenbring
Augusto Dumlao
Bette Norman-Nakamura (Inactive)
Allison Ruhl
Jennifer Vander Meer

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Beach Referee Rating:

David Vander Meer

USA Volleyball ZONAL Beach Referee Rating:

Nathanael Vander Meer

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Scorer Rating:

Sharon Harris-Agrusa (Inactive)
Augusto Dumlao
Dan Kitchel
Bette Norman-Nakamura (Inactive)
Perry Sutherland

Regional and Provisional Officials

Lakeshore Region Volleyball REGIONAL Rating:
David Alexander
Ray Bauer
Kenneth Bertin
Robert Curtiss
Douglas Downhour
Brenda Germain
Mary Gray
Tina Hamp (Inactive)
Grant Harris
Mark Howells
Steven Howells
Deborah Karabees-Betts (Inactive)
Sharman Kinney
Kenneth Paszkiewicz
Dan Silva (Inactive)
Brian Smith
Nathanael Vander Meer

Lakeshore Region Volleyball PROVISIONAL Rating:
Christopher Choryan
Stephen Chupinsky
Samantha Cuppen
Julie Fisette
Scott Harris
Philip Hegg
Caitlyn Kane
Kip Kimberley
David Morse
Erik Law
Kelly Lemanski
Jeffrey Lenhard
Ronald Masters
Paige Newvine
Robert Pitchford
Matthew Preston
Pam Reilly
Tim Starr
William Theibert
Jeff TerMolen
Britney VandeWege(Inactive)

If you have a question on the current roster, please email me at [email protected]