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 Membership registration should be ready sometime shortly after Sep. 1.  when USA Volleyball membership database is fully transferred.

To obtain a NEW USAV Membership click the logo:

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TRANSFER to Lakeshore from another Region: If you are seeking a transfer, please email [email protected].
Include your name, birthdate and previous region.
Please do so BEFORE renewing your membership.

Fine Print:
-All Adult members coaching juniors or officiating juniors must have a cleared USAV background screen and current SafeSport training  
-Screening is good for 2 seasons. 
-All USAV Junior Coaches must be Minimum of IMPACT Certified and Safesport Certified,
-IMPACT Certification is good for life.
-FULL memberships are needed for all participants of National Championships and Qualifiers.
-FULL Memberships are needed for all adults participating in USAV Open Championships.

Safesport: -Registration link

Registered Officials



National Officials

Congratulations to the Referees and Scorers below from the Lakeshore Region that have advanced through the National Rating process to achieve the following Ratings:

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Referee Rating:
Sharon Harris-Agrusa
Fuskao Hines (Retired Rating)
Dan Kitchel
Luke Reynolds
David Saenz
Perry Sutherland
David Vander Meer

USA Volleyball JUNIOR NATIONAL Referee Rating:
Henry Yun-Ping Chen
DeLee Dankenbring
Augusto Dumlao
Bette Norman-Nakamura
Jennifer Vander Meer

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Beach Referee Rating:

David Vander Meer

USA Volleyball ZONAL Beach Referee Rating:

Nathanael Vander Meer

USA Volleyball NATIONAL Scorer Rating:

Sharon Harris-Agrusa
Augusto Dumlao
Dan Kitchel
Bette Norman-Nakamura
Perry Sutherland

Regional and Provisional Officials

Lakeshore Region Volleyball REGIONAL Rating:
David Alexander
Ray Bauer
Kenneth Bertin
Robert Curtiss
Douglas Downhour
Brenda Germain
Mary Gray
Tina Hamp
Mark Howells
Steven Howells
Deborah Karabees-Betts
Kenneth Paszkiewicz
Dan Silva
Brian Smith
Nathanael Vander Meer

Lakeshore Region Volleyball PROVISIONAL Rating:
Stephen Chupinsky (in progress)
Grant Harris
Scott Harris
Philip Hegg
Pam Reilly
Jeff TerMolen
Britney VandeWege (in progress)

If you have a question on the current roster, please email me at [email protected]